A minor, non-hype based, non-date based update

Hello all,

I know everyone is seeking news, and there are a lot of things in flight. Some are going great, some are grinding and taking longer, some things need to be fixed. But rather than write a hype-based medium post (let’s save that till we get something across the finish line), I’ll just talk about a few of the things I’m comfortable sharing right now with no Wen.

Mobile App

  • Making some final tweaks to to color scheme, some other minor fixes, deciding on a final app logo, making sure i’s are dotted/t’s crossed so that knock on wood we get through the app store listing process as soon as possible
  • Planning future features, meeting with various Web3 startups to see what might work to aggregate into the product, some other things


  • Really working to make sure the copy is finely tuned and putting the final touches on it
  • We also need a few infographics developed - time/money, but we want it to look sharp so some decisions to be made there


  • Staking is almost done, looks really slick, tested out well. However, we’ve run into an issue that we need to decide on (see below)

Token Migration

  • Token migration for all intents in purposes is complete. A few stragglers have come through, we handle them on a case by case basis but eventually want to turn those types of decisions over to the DAO
  • That being said - we found a minor - but problematic - error in the deployment. You may have noticed the ticker and token name are reversed on some sites (e.g. Poocoin). That’s because the contract was deployed with them reversed. This appears to be an immutable feature, and I’m a perfectionist and I hope most of you will agree that we don’t want this to be the case forever. We are looking at options - thankfully not having a renounced contract means we have options now. It may be we do a “flash migration” where we either upgrade the contract or release a new one and then do an airdrop. Team is reviewing the options - but this relates to the LP lock and staking. Another good thing about a shorter LP lock is if we didn’t do this, we wouldn’t be able to correct it. So anyhow - we are researching options and wont’ do anything without community consent.


  • We want to tie in all the rebranding, moving to new socials, website, product launch, etc. - relatively closely together. It’s a convergence of things. Don’t expect a huge “hoorah” hype based event, consider it more a “soft launch” of a public beta and a reveal. There’s a lot to be said right now for simply existing and moving forward, and as I’ve mentioned many times we’re moving away from meme and hype and into facts, delivery, product market fit.
  • We have some very encouraging conversations going on with some potential new team members, as well as a potential partner investor. But again - nothing is done till the deal is signed, so I may be sounding like a broke record…Wen? I don’t know. Will it happen? I don’t know.
  • Lastly transparency. As a company, and a person, that represents ethics - we need to fully embody those ethics. Some of you may have heard or seen comments about earlier team members actions around (and there’s no better way to say this) using the token/community as exit liquidity. We plan to communicate more about this in a transparent and fact-based way in the near future. You can trust that I always strive to do what’s right for all parties, that we will always strive to behave responsibility and ethically and I require that from everyone that works with me. To me, “rugging” or using the community as exit liquidity in any shape or form was never even the slightest consideration, quite the contrary I’ve been quite aggressive towards anyone that even hints at that. I’m appalled by the very notion that anyone would ever do that, but sometimes people make bad choices in life.

I’ve mentioned this in a few ways, I heard on a call the other day with a veteran of the 2018 bear season, and their motto was “Survive”. That wasn’t enough to me - so our motto has become…

Survive - then Thrive!

Be well.


We Love You Adam!!!


Keep the good work going. The commitment and endeavours you and the team have shown is top-notch. Kudos, I am hopeful of what the future holds.

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Awesome, I e been wondering what is going on with BAM. Thanks for the update and keep up the hard work. Excited for the future!


Wonderful update.

I don’t need to know any release windows or have hype announcements, that only serve to fire up the twitter crowd, if I have a general understanding what’s going on. And this update is going above and beyond that - great job!

“10/10, would buy BAM again.”


Adam your announcements always make me feel like I never have enough $BAM lol.


Welcome to the club lol

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Few questions:

1.- If Bamboo migrates to a different contract and an airdrop is done, will a new audit be necessary from Certik or other audit companies?

2.- how long is the currently LP locked for? When does the lock end?

3.- if a migration occurs (and that seems to be the case) does that mean that cmc will need to be re-applied?

4.- Will there be a poll on the DAO to determine what will happen with investors that still haven’t migrated and what to do with the remaining funds?


Thanks for the update!

  1. Unsure. And as we’ve learned - audits (especially from Certik) really don’t mean a lot, especially for a token, and especially for an ERC20 compliant token. They tend to serve more as a “is this safe” question, but as we’ve learned…these audits clearly aren’t very thorough (yet another cash grab in crypto - who would have thunk?). Haven’t decided how to deal with this yet. Ah the joys of Web3
  2. I have to double check the date…It was 4 months I believe from May 27? So roughly the end of September.
  3. If it’s a new contract, yes. Ah the joys of Web3
  4. That’s kind of what I’m thinking - let the DAO decide what to do with the unclaimed tokens. We have lots of options obviously with those tokens. Burn them, use them for staking or other utility, use for listing liquidity, hold/sell for DAO treasury, etc.

Also - remember they aren’t “funds” yet at this point - they only become funds when they are swapped for BNB or a stablecoin. Which of course has a price impact/reduces the BNB in the LP.

All things to consider :slight_smile:


Thanks Adam for the quick response. I’m good with all the decisions you and the team make for Bamboo.

Since it’s been months since migration happened I suggest we put to a vote on what to do with the tokens that people didn’t migrate. A last call with an specific time window and then move on from there should be fair enough for everyone.

Let’s hope people engage more on discourse to have a serious conversation on the matter.


Oh I agree. Part of becoming a true DAO is people will step up and become leaders. You’re one of them :slight_smile:


We’re sooooo close to finishing the website I can almost taste it…soon. No dates. It looks very nice. Trying to balance my perfectionism w/ delivery but I’m pretty happy with this next version…


Great to see progress is taking place. The team is doing a good job in keeping us informed on this platform and continues to deliver. Looking forward to a bright future




Everything looks great!

We are getting there. Everything looks cool and smooth. :+1:

This looks awesome. So good to see what you’ve been working on. :sunglasses:

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