App Direction / Progress

Seeing as PP has shifted to Bamboo asset Management does this mean the app is no longer a main focus/priority moving forward.
Or have I got the wrong end of the bamboo stick.

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Bamboo Asset Management is a DBA of PPH, Inc. New branding—same organization.


The app is still very much a focus. We are working on the swap, which is frankly the hardest part as we are settling on UI design, underlying UI code, Web3 integration which includes the proxy contract/transactions/etc.

I’ll also say that since I’ve been involved in Web3, it’s really been a ‘continuous pivot’. I’ve never really seen anything even close to how dramatically things change even over the course of a day or two. Incredibly short attention spans combined with social media amplifiers combined with rapidly changing tech. Throw in a huge serving of hype, speculation, fraud, media attention…and well it’s a roller coaster :slight_smile:

The best we can do is constantly adapt. So for now, yes the app is very much a centerpiece of our strategy. Tomorrow…who can say? :man_shrugging:


Will the wallet be called ‘Bamboo Wallet’?

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Leaning towards simply Bamboo or Bamboo App. I believe we’re differentiating from wallets. To me - a wallet is just functionality that a digital assets platform needs. “I hold, swap tokens…it’s a wallet”. Versus “I hold, swap tokens, interact with community, learn about new NFTs (or the ones involved with), aggregate metaverse data, etc.”


Im so curious about the app! What is the progess?

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Testing swap functions :slight_smile:


Any further progress?

Bulk of the Web3/swap work unit testing is done. Need to add some common error messages that will be passed to the user (no gas, token not available, etc.)

UI work and integrating w/ the swap in progress.

We’re getting there.


I love the plan! Can’t wait!!!


Wallet currently not fully opening - displaying ‘whoops something went wrong, working on it.’ Not sure if just me. Apologies if this has been raised somewhere else.

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Yea same error message is showing on mine

Also for me. S22 with andriod 13