Are We Still Alive?

Is this project still running? I’ve been involved since the first week of Pink Panda. I couldn’t find Adam on Twitter and there are no signs of life here or on Telegram. If it’s over, that’s ok, no hard feelings. But please let us know.



I haven’t been on telegram in quite some time. Has there been any news or updates these past few months? All socials point here but I don’t see anything fresh this side.

Also if it’s over it’s over, I don’t care, closure would be good.

Thanks for replying. Also, thanks to the people who viewed my original post.

Adam, wherever you are, I wish you all the best. Please come back to clear the air though.

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I know what you mean. For me, I believe that Adam has put his name and reputation to this so-much-so that he owns it and isn’t going anywhere. I’ll be the last one here, if that’s what it takes. I’m riding this panda to whatever story it will be.

I just wanted to chime in and say that I agree with you all. We need leadership, especially during tough times like these. It’s concerning that even the OG holders are slowly losing faith in the project due to the lack of communication. It’s crucial for the team to step up and keep us informed, so we can continue believing in Bamboo DAO’s future.

It’s over for this project. It’s just a matter of time when it’s announced officially. I mean come on, where in a crypto project there is silence for days, weeks and months. Adam said he would respond to people on this platform but where is he? There is no information anywhere, it’s it’s over we don’t care but we need to know so that we can stop waiting now we have been for the past two years.

I will give it another month or so and then I am out of this project, 80% is not a easy thing to accept. This project is the worst in communicating with its community I have ever come across. Suck but it’s the reality.

We are most definitely alive!

I apologize for being so publicly quiet - we have a possible solution to keep the community more informed and engaged. We will provide more information on this by next week.

I think that is an important first door to open.


I believe operations were scaled down due to market conditions and Adam didn’t want to burn through remaining treasury funds. The team also haven’t unstaked from the Liquidity Pool.


Looking forward to the update!


Thanks for answering Adam. I understand that it is unusual for a boss to simply say hello, but in the crypto space, where 99% of tokens are scams, it gives confidence to the community.

There probably isn’t much to report week-to-week, so I suggest community members ask questions so that Adam can have specific things to answer. That way we get proof of life and community engagement.

I’ll kick it off - is the original vision of “defi so easy that your grandmother an use it” still the goal? That, and leveraged dex trading is what got me to invest.

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Politely disagreeing; I’d rather Adam focus his energy on the work at hand and not us so-to-speak. I think you’re on point in your first paragraph that proof of life from time to time is most reassuring. Adam popping in like that the other day was all I needed. Thoughts?

Thanks for chiming in. I think the community asking authentic questions is the best way for Adam to engage and show activity. I don’t mean for Adam to have to pop in constantly.

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Any update on the new communication strategy?

No update is the update. Lol

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“Sorry about my lack of communication but I’ll pretend that I’m providing an update next week and then I won’t actually post anything, thus furthering my lack of communication.”

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Another week and nothing from Adam. “silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly”