Bamboo Digital Assets Mobile App 1.0 Public Beta - now on Apple App Store

Public Beta of Bamboo Digital Assets - now in the Apple Store!

Apple App Store Link

Apple has very high standards to get into their store, a couple features we’ve added to the settings screen:

  • “Delete Your Account”: Purges our database of your User Name as well as any relevant transaction history associated with your blockchain address.

  • “Sign out”: This removes the private key or seed phrase associated with the wallet. If you do not have your private key or passphrase written down or stored elsewhere, you will lose access to your digital assets.

Getting these into the app stores was a giant step for us, especially the Apple Store. Now that we are in, we’re going to focus on a “punch list” of fixes and enhancements, as well as locating any additional bugs and correcting them.


Noice! :partying_face:

Well, guess who just downloaded the public beta and is going to play around with a new avatar instead of catching some sleep?

In all honesty, nicely done and congratulations to everybody involved! This feels like such a big step.


Wondering if there’s a way to remove the pink panda token contract from the wallet?

Short answer, yes (from our side).

Longer answer, we have it hard coded in, so we’ll be removing it from the hard coding.

A high priority feature is to give the ability to hide/show tokens from a user perspective.

We currently globally hide certain “dusting” (e.g. Minereum) tokens and can continue to do so on request.

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Search button as well :slight_smile:

Definitely! Being able to search tokens is a must have