Community Support Role

Hi all,

We’ve been discussing ways to address key topics for the Bamboo token and the current Web 3 market conditions. Where we believe we need better capabilities:

  1. Supplementing resources lost to attrition of the current market, with a focus on supporting day-to-day operations
  2. How to continue to move towards a decentralized and community based governance model
  3. Continuing to explore new technology advances in Web 3 as well as opportunities for utility
  4. Deeper engagement and communication on the above

To this end, we are recommending that Ian Stiglingh (Stiggs) be granted a paying role in the Bamboo DAO.Ian is someone I met in the NFT space - but his experience goes well beyond NFTs. Ian is a mathematical sciences graduate with a CFA and a decade experience in quantitative finance and investment portfolio management. In 2022, Ian made the switch full time into Web 3 and is part of core teams for NFT collections on ETH and Cardano. Ian also manages decentralized crypto portfolios using the Enzyme protocol and consults for large brands looking to expand their Web3 presence. Most importantly - I know Ian to be an extremely honest and principled person - which we know can be in very short supply in this space.The details still need to be worked out - but I think it is important that we move this to a community discussion ASAP to get to those next steps.


Why don’t you address who is no longer with the team and why they left? Instead of coming out of left field and asking to pay another person with a random title. Nobody understands where this project is going anymore

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Why has staking ended? There are still a few unanswered questions before all of this should happen.

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I believe the staking rewards need to be loaded back into the staking contract before rewards get distributed again. I expect that will happen today.


I hope so, people have started the process of unstaking already

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the update.

Fully support bringing Ian onboard if that keeps things moving forward, especially if that can prevent future issues. E.g. the staking not working properly without any clear communication is not something that’s build confidence, rather the opposite sadly.

For sure I am keen to look forward and I believe there can still be a bright future for the project. At the same time I feel the team has opportunities in optimization of communication, this could have prevented part of the negativity online. Let us create a better future with the knowledge we gained.

Survive then thrive was said and I am hoping this will be a step into the process of making bamboo thrive.

Take good care, stay positive and let’s rock!