Hacks Discussion Thread

Thought it would be good to have a discussion thread on hacks…


Solana Hack:

This one is very concerning as it seems to be not from anything the user did (e.g. granted a suspect site rights) or anything on the smart contract side, but rather somewhere in wallet ecosystem. We are keeping a close eye on this to see what we can learn, there’s no reason to believe our app has any association with this hack but if you are concerned a hard wallet is the safest non-custodial option and a large CEX is the safest custodial option.


Here’s the latest that I’m hearing on Twitter.

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Good Day guys….New Orleans Panda here

I’m sure this will be down the road but will there be consideration for $BAM to be listed on the Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet? And will the staking function still be available if I held my coins there instead of the app or TW?

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You can usually use Metamask together with your Ledger hardware wallet for interacting with dapps and Defi protocols. I don’t see why staking your Bamboo wouldn’t work the same way.

DeFi Protocol Curve.Finance Gets Hacked and $570K Is Stolen

Title is a bit misleading - the protocol wasn’t hacked, the DNS for the website looks like it got hacked and the hackers deployed a different UI. A little bothersome they were able to update the DNS records…you would think Curve would have 2FA with their domain host…(or maybe they did and they got around it a different way).

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