How do I best nourish my investment?

Question / Help /Advice welcomed.

As an investor, who seeks to maximize time, and energy, how does one best move forward? More importantly, harmoniously with Bam$ vision. The options are limitless, but pointless when moving in the wrong direction, hence.

Options a regular investor sees, bombard YouTube with comments. And informing that Bam, is undervalued by at least $100 million.

And prove it.

Or, privately, educating oneself on how to maximize the nft spaces potential, and learn, in order to catch the next big jump forward, this would be more of an individualistic approach.

An ideal scenario would be, being able to create very rare items of value, that can only be bought with Bam$, the most challenging, but also rewarding.

On a base level, but insanely effective, would be to simply plant a seed. 1 bam to 1$, and simply eat sleep and breath the idea. Like victory, 1cent, something killer, these ideas are very effective, because no one can misunderstand the goal, and understand that every step, no matter how incomprehensible, is leading to the goal, which is simply understood.

Just some general musings. Please do tap me into ways of utilizing energy in a productive way forward.

An enthusiastic fellow