How to engage community on proprietary issues (e.g. Ambassadors)

So. We have LOTS of cool stuff in flight right now. I want to be able to share some of it with people that are willing to step up and be “ambassadors” or leaders of the DAO. I think this would be a cool way for people to know what’s going on - without giving out too much information. This is a highly competitive space and I don’t want a lot of things shared until it’s ready. But I also don’t want the community to think nothing is going on and be like “wen updates”. There’s a balance to be struck. We’re killing hype and fluff and promises for now and focusing on building and delivery…and then focusing on more professional marketing and engagement as things roll out. Panda is growing up.

Almost like you get to know what’s happening, give feedback, consult with the community, etc. But you also have to commit to holding this information close. We have to also look at how it’s handled from a trading perspective - some of this can be considered “alpha” or some of it is truly “insider information” and those lines are blurry but I’m always going to lean towards the side of ethics until regulations are cleared up, and again our organization has an agreement with GDCA on how we behave as a self-regulated entity.

Probably needs some legal agreement…we already have legal agreements with people that are very close to the DAO and the company.

Love thoughts/feedback/insight/volunteers.


I’m excited to hear about what’s coming up next!

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I’m all for increasing DAO engagement. 0.1% holders voted on the most recent tax proposal (10 people!)

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Well, part of that was also I think the nature of how it went (I had several people contact me asking about it. I abstained from voting as did many others). Again as we mature, we’d probably want to see something that looks like this (earlier stage):

  • Have a robust discussion of proposals
  • Get some level of consensus then get a proposal out
  • Push notification of voting (later to be enabled by app)

DAO engagement is industry wide, so we’ll see solutions other DAO’s put in place also.

We’re in a giant petri dish :slight_smile:

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Totally agree with this. I think in settings as this especially for a DAO, one of the best ways to get the best out of it is to, in some way or form incentivise commitment. The “Ambassadorship” is a way to reward commited member and also to encourage active participation. Nice thought.
Hopefully, we’ll get to see all of the packages in the “LOTS” as they’re unfolded. Keep building.


Who wants to be an ambassador?


I am here for the DAO long term. Anything i can do to help.


Happy to help where I can.

You can see that there are only 24 people registered to vote on the DAO. Unfortunately this project is dead.

Lord only know where this 5000 people on the telegram have gone. I presume most were just bots.

I’ve also spotted Adams post on DAO vote ideas has 0 replies/engagement in 2 days. Deader than disco.

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The team is working behind the scenes, but keep updating the community and are generally receptive and open to dialogue.

The DAO is still in its infancy and user participation and growth two of the hot topics at hand, that we’re talking about right now. The initiative came from Adam, but he also rightly points out, that the DAO he envisions in the future should be able to function more independently.

Overall, the move away from TG and to a topic-centered forum is a great step to cut down on chatter and unrelated volume, and instead tackle issues in a much more streamlined and comprehensible manner. Less bulk, gifs and chatter to sift through - that quantitative loss may seem like less engagement on first glance, but the qualitative aspect of the discussion has been much improved!

We all want more engagement and BAM to succeed, but reading through all of the above, I think it’s clear to see that the project is far from dead.


Yeah I think you’re right. It’s probably a good thing there are only 24 people left engaged with this project. :+1:

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So, “Dog”, I’m going to take a few minutes out of my insanely busy day to address you, big dog, important dog.

  1. Get a therapist - you seem to delight in making assertions about things you know nothing about, and it gives you some glee to make these declarations and pronouncements about the “deadness” of this “project”. It can’t be healthy. Seek assistance.
  2. It’s not a “project”. There’s a DAO, there’s a token, and there’s a company.
  3. You inspire me to just prove you completely wrong.

Please, give me a reason to ban you.


I don’t know who the person really is, but they don’t have good intentions. I would ban them.


That hardly seems constructive or any kind of way to disprove some of the sentiment in their posts

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Cool cool understood thanks for the reply. Hope everyone has a good evening.

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You might be the Mike he was mistaking me for…

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Nah it was you bro. Michael not Mike. I love your posts Michael they are always spot on.

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