Intellectual & Technological ownership


Does the Wallet, and upcoming HEX fall under Bamboo asset managements ownership?

Seeing that most holders found themselves as DAO members through circumstance, would a thorough educational drive not seem reasonable.

Bamboo asset managements value would be derived by the technology, infrastructure, developer team in part, I presume, so as someone who owns tokens, it would be reasonable to wonder why the tokens are not being marketed as a share in the DAO, and that so little value is being placed on its ownership and potential, seemingly.

There is a long thread concerning CMC, but the fact is, that the projects activity plays a key part in getting listed, this should clearly be graspable by all DAO members, but it seems to not be the case, which is concerning.

Otherwise, trust you are holding down the fort on your end.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the question. With most things crypto/digital assets, a lot of things are not necessarily crystal clear. Market forces, community, technology and of course (potential) regulation are powerful external drivers.

From a DAO perspective, participation is a generally recognized challenge across the industry. Even major DAO’s get a fairly small voting percentage on proposals. I think this is more a “cultural” shift from moving from more asset speculation to asset governance. I also think clearly a bear market/the news cycle of late tends to discourage participation. That being said, we do have plans to create educational content as well as DAO links once the website is up.

For ownership - if you own $BAM, you obviously own the cryptocurrency, and you can choose to participate in that asset governance via the DAO - as every holder is an owner (but not necessarily a participant). Current examples of votes have been the reserving a portion of the liquidity pool for funding, locking it for a 4 month period, providing funding for staking, etc. No reason however that the funds couldn’t be used for some community based marketing/education as well?

On the regulatory front, we’re obviously still in a “hurry up and wait” mode for DAO’s to be more defined as well as digital assets as well as business entities involvement in them. One of the promising possibilities I’m hoping for is being able to better tokenize ownership of equities. While it can be done now, it’s quite expensive and difficult and I believe also fairly illiquid. I haven’t dug that deep into it yet, I just know the legal hurdles are pretty large.

Right now the way to own PPH equity is either be an accredited investor, or through a Reg-CF. I’d love to see a future where you could have tokenized PPH equity ownership available to retail traders, especially if we could find a way to incent $BAM holders. Imagine maybe a scenario where a $BAM holder could burn $BAM and receive PPH equity, and ideally if that PPH equity is liquid and tradable.

We’re chugging along here! No dates - but we’re getting close to getting the public beta into the app stores and the next version of the website out. Like most, we took a hit in the crypto sell off (and it’s happening again today looks like) so a lot of money is on the sidelines. It has always been a long term approach that requires a near-continuous pivot.


Thank you again

The positives I see is that Bamboo will inevitably take a leading role in the space, if only in making sharp critical pivots, (changes in direction).

Concerning the DAO voting, here another industry leading approach seems to be very likely due to the diverse nature of the community, it appears that it will not simply be a matter of joining the DAO, but which block, there is a high possibility that votes might start getting very-very tight.

The opportunity to join up with a, robust, diverse community is probably where I see the most gain.

Anything I say after this might be misconstrued as shilling.

All the content of your note is very well received, and offers a great foundation to build thought processes on.

Key word is BUILDING.

Thank you for all your services rendered to the community.

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