Is it the end for telegram?

Is telegram still a focus point for the team? I’ve began to notice less general chatter and updates from the team on that specific platform.

Is it the teams intention to transfer operations over here and cease telegram? I’ve noticed Adam make multiple mentions about how he prefers the slower style of conversation here.

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It is not a focus for me or the team. For my own mental health for sure, but I know several admins have also are quite worn down and we all seem to like this format much better.

Obviously in a free-form app like telegram anyone can make a chat, and having at least an official announcement presence would be good. As to the state of the current chat, I have some thoughts but kind of like to see where things go organically too.

As to not getting the answer you wanted in 48 hours and then declaring it a “wasted effort”, well I’d say a little self reflection could be helpful and also give you some insight into why we are peeling away from telegram.


There is nothing aggressive about Adam’s response. Your tone is unnecessary and unhelpful.



With all due respect for your energy and vigour.

Have you thought of offering your vision and ideas for Bamboo.

Perhaps laying it out for proof reading.

Hope it’s okay to address you as Marco.

Yes it’s good. Than you for your message pinkpanda1. Have a nice day. Let’s see where the energy and vigour takes us!

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To the top of the mountain no doubt.

Be well Champion :trophy:(Marco)

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I imagine the team is very busy. I would be more concerned if the team was on here 24/7 to answer questions.

Same. I’m delighted with the Team’s focus.