Let's get this forum built out!

Here’s a primer…we will be working on it but let’s talk about it. What categories do we need? How do we get the community involved? How do we get new community? How do we get projects and developers to come and work with the DAO?


Well…let it never be said that a general shenanigans area has not helped build community.


Way more professional


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“Let’s get this community built out”

“How do we get new community? How do we get projects and developers to come and work with the DAO?”

,been pondering upon this question, and crunching info.

, and finding

After analyzing some geniuses in the web/nft space, with particular emphasis on Jaron Larnier, and a number of visionaries, the common connection is that they are all beyond a dollar figure. Their energy is focused purely on driving humanity to a more just place, where opportunities, and distribution of resources are more justly spread out.

I mention this, because, a potential approach to some developers, might simply be to ask them to join in, and lay out as reward, a shared commitment to achieve a noble vision.

Following in this vein, some of the greatest visionaries in the space have grown cynical, and would potentially help out for free.

I find it particularly exciting to know that Bam$ community are following a noble route, and are the new torch carries, following in the footsteps of giants.

Bam$ band of sisters & brothers of today will be tomorrows leaders, carrying the flame of light forward, happily being smiled upon by those who have set the direction but are slowly growing tired, but would be happy to share knowledge, freely, knowing it’s in good hands.

So the key might be to simply ask for assistance
in moving forward.

No response required, simply thrown into the collective mind to potentially build ideas upon.

Direct answer to a direct question that proves that the platform allows for out of the box thinking, and ideas to be expressed.

Thank you - and for reading.


One major question that should be addressed early on: how broad do you want to make this forum? Should every discussion on here revolve exclusively around BAM, or do we allow for the discussion of unrelated topics within a self-contained (sub-)category?

Considering that we want to drive engagement and grow the community, I’m in support of the latter (as initially suggested by Pandamonium above), but it’s an open question.

Looking at the current categories:

  • DAO-wide
  • Meta-Governance
  • Bamboo Asset Management
  • General Discussion

I’d add or somehow integrate the following: (none of the categories have an “About”-section giving a more detailed description of their intended usage yet, so apologies if there’s some overlap or misunderstanding)


A place to blow off steam and talk about any and all topics that have no bearing on BAM. Sports, politics, video games… anything goes (within community rules and guidelines of course).


A dedicated space to discuss projects unrelated to BAM. Everything from market moving events (Terra/Luna Crash, Celsius exposure, 3AC insolvency), over NFT collections, down to the latest shitcoin that has piqued your interest.

3a)BAM UTILITY - Planned / Existing

Addressing existing utility, utility that is currently in planning or development by B.A.M., as well as any projects that the community is working on independently.
(Ideally we’d have a continuously updated sticky thread that compiled all of that information, acting as a one-stop redirect for new members and all kinds of “what & wen” questions, but that might not be feasible.)

3b)BAM UTILITY - Proposals / Ideas

Spitballing new utility proposals and applications for the BAM token.



Spitballing new utility proposals and applications for the BAM token



Agree with a place to explore utility possibilities as a community.


I think these are some good categories and make a lot of sense!

Whatvdoes the dao think about starting off with simple BAM staking to allow members to lock up some or all for a %apy. This will allow people to feel like they are supporting the project and letting them get a little reward for their patience.

Just a thought for something to get the ball rolling


At this point in the projects life, the word little is one I view very critically.

Bam$ is surrounded by giants in the space, given the option of seeing my portfolio grow, and seeing the project grow, I would prefer the latter.

I would lock my tokens for zero interest.

Glad I can give you an insight into a holders psychology , I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this way.

To repeat, will lock my tokens for zero interest.

At this point the overall health of the project trumps my personal gains

Your idea though gets 100 percent thumbs up though as the staking issue needs to be addressed, with pros and cons.

My energy will go into anything that strengthens the project. So will stake, even for zero interest.


One of the common community requests was for staking for “OGs” - pre-migration holders - at a higher APY than post-migration holders. I think in general that’s something that’s supported in the short term (less than one year). Single-token staking isn’t really what most would consider “real utility”, other than a way to motivate holders to keep holding. Liquidity pairs is stronger utility, as the better the liquidity the stronger the token, especially as we seek to go cross chain.

We’ve put out some feelers and are working on getting a quote from a Web3 Dev we’ve worked with before in anticipation of this, but broken record time - let’s discuss it as a DAO/community and get a proposal out there :slight_smile: I think it would be great if we could recruit Web3 talent to work with us because they want to - less so because they are seeking a paycheck (not that it can’t be both).