Migration to ETH, Enable Staking

Thought I would start a new thread on this…

I am pleased to announce we’ve completed the development and thorough testing for a deployment of the revised $BAM contract to Ethereum, as well as enable staking for “OG holders”. The sequence of events would roughly be:

  1. Remove the liquidity from BSC
  2. Take a snapshot of holders
  3. Deploy the contract
  4. Pair ETH with $BAM 2.0 and deploy liquidity
  5. Airdrop tokens to holders from #2
  6. Enable staking


  • This corrects the token/ticker issue
  • This enables the token to be on the largest/most active blockchain
  • This simplifies integration with EVM compatible chains for the mobile app and other integrations (e.g. Lootverse)

We can proceed with this once a proposal is submitted and voted on.


Will this be a complete migration off bsc or will this be a wrapped pair where the bsc is half and half with eth. Or will it all move to eth?


After conversations with several devs and in the other thread, it made better sense to move all liquidity to ETH. “Anyone” can wrap a token on BSC, so it seems like the more prudent move is to get migrated then determine BSC direction…


Glad to see some updates on the progress, hoping the proposal is put into place swiftly since everything ready ready to go.

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A post was deleted and a user banned where false accusations were made about “stealthing more money out of the LP”. We suspect it is the same account that tends to troll this forum every so often.

There’s no “stealthing money” - every transaction exists transparently on the blockchain. It is literally impossible.


We have a cleanup on aisle 3


Sorry if this has been stated already. From a vote in the affirmative to the wrapping, what kind of timeline?

I have a dream; that my wallet avatar is/will be/can be my own personal NFT.

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We’re doing some deployment work this AM, more testing…then we need a solid window at that “point of no return” when we airdrop and move the LP. Would like to do it in a low congestion period to minimize eth cost, so we’re going to find a morning next week. Will give 48 hours notice. Should all be wrapped up within a week.

edit: wrapping a token will be more dependent on some further conversation and getting more DAO engagement. This was more in the “no-brainer” category…so timeline TBD on that.


Same :smiley:
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Great news. Keep up the good work Adam and team!


It’s almost the end of the week, are we getting a 48 hour notice today like was stated? Because that would bring us to the end of the week and 9 days since the post has been up.

Yes, we’ll be migrating Sunday. Conflicting schedules where we need several people available for about a 4-6 hour period.


Great, thanks for the update.


Hello everyone, the migration and airdrop is completed, and we the token is now swappable via uniswap or your favorite dex.

The new contract address is 0x2F0D6619803a4E12737E473293a301dE2FD1aAfB

We’re taking a little breather today, and will enable staking this week, as well as getting onto CoinMarketCap, asking the DAO to decide on transaction tax reductions.


All went smooth, great migration. Hope the team catches a bit of a break and look co-wrote the future!

Looking good! Trust wallet seems to work great.

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Went very smoothly. Excited to stake!


This was no small task, and it really can’t be overstated how smoothly everything went from the end-user POV. Great job and right before Christmas too!

I think moving to Eth is the right choice in the long run and I’m really happy the symbol/name issue has been resolved :blush:


How works the staking? Esspecially when the token price grows or go down? What kind of periods can we stake bam? Shorter/longer periods?