Mobilizing voters

Snapshot is working on a way to encourage more active voter participation. The article gives some insight into why voting participation tends to be low, and, offers an interesting solution.

Every vote counts.

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Nice find! It doesn’t look to be available to us yet, but I like the feature. It’s a solution to help people vote where they truly want and not be discouraged if they think differently than the popular choice.

Well said! Look forward to when everyone, Ultras, Bears, liberal & Conservative, Bulls, and Anarchist, are all comfortable harnessing the power of voting.

Every token has infinite potential along with every holder, so let the stage be set to harness the full might of the Bamboo Community in every conceivable way.

A strong Community made up of strong parts.


“[The] organization’s stakeholders will likely change over time, and DAOs should take into account that their organization is evolving and the individuals involved will also be regularly changing,”

A very useful piece:

Highlights, the junction at which Bamboo A.M finds itself in the greater scope of things, and also how the make up of voters, and interest holders might shift with time.

Keeping fingers crossed that the Uber Command navigates this endless space of potential well.