Noob greatly appreciated

I thought this project was dead but just found this forum. I owned some pink panda in my trust wallet and migrated it over to BAM which I currently have about 22k of when the migration happened. Im kind of lost as it seems I need to swap it to something else now…is that accurate? Can someone break it down for me? I found a new contract adress and added that coin to my trust wallet but it shows the same amount of BAM coins in that new ERC20 Bam coin already. Thank in advance.

The new erc20 BAM tokens in your TW are from the new migrated contract. Those tokens were air dropped by the team and should be the same amount you previously had. The old BAM tokens have no value anymore as the liquidity has moved as part of migration. Hopefully soon the BAM logo and value will show as soon as it is listed on CMC. Hope this helps.


Awesome…thanks Rick.