OG staking contract WL / nonWL stakers

10% and 25% new wallet/OG respectively. Roughly annualized with consecutive staking at a quarterly time span.

I am proposing starting the staking contract that will provide additional staking incentives for those that have been holder through the migrations and crypto cycle. The staking rewards may fluctuate due to various factors like number of stakers, duration of staking and amount staked. When you stake remember if you decide to unstake there is a 4 week full divestment period 25%/wk or if you let your staking contract run its course your whole amount will be available to be restaked at the end of the period and returned to you wallet.



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Why can’t i use all my coins to vote? I can only vote with a small part of my coins.

I staked part of my bag and it counted all of mine.