Opportunities for community-based DAO engagements? Conversation starter

I personally think there are some great ways to get involved with the DAO, so I want to start this thread for discussing opportunities for our community to get more engaged. Models I have seen so far from an incentive perspective have been:

  1. Purely volunteer. Enjoy the commitment purely for the purpose, for the learning experience, for the insight into potentially using the knowledge and experience for something in the future

  2. Compensated (a few types):

  • $BAM only - typically for a longer timeline-focused person, no short-term gain incentive
    *$BAM/Stablecoin combined - someone who needs to get paid for the work but is also willing to look for a longer-term incentive
  • Purely stablecoin - someone who is operating more as a “hired gun” to build something specific

Some ideas:
DAO Website enhancements

  • Integrating a “buy the token” widget
  • Enhancing the UI, building in more links (e.g. BAM website, Lootverse, informative links, partnerships, etc.)
  • Designing/building the Staking UI
  • Lots of other ideas have been dropped over the months (animations, content, merch, games, etc.)

Discussion Forum Management

  • Creating/managing categories
  • Potentially lowering hosting costs by setting up a self-host
  • Plugins or other cool enhancements?

Discussion Forum Engagement/Content

  • Finding interesting topics and starting them for discussion (I’d be happy to provide some of these as I am constantly running into good articles). For example - here’s a nice canon of DAO articles
  • Setting the tone, guiding the conversation, bringing us back to defining “what is this and how will it operate”
  • Could also be helpful with building out more content for the DAO website

These are just a few thoughts off the top of my head - but there definitely is ample opportunity for people to get involved.



All of the website enhancements sound great.

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I would love to manage a Spanish thread for the Spanish speaking part of the community. This would be further down the road as we get more people involved but I would start shilling and promoting Bamboo on different sites and videos on this language.


So, is BAM looking for a host of the website and discourse or just of the discourse?

Just Discourse…Josh could give you the deets

I agree language threads would be good. All the language channels in TG got out of hand/hard to manage…much easier here…

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