Please welcome Nate Hepner as our new Chief Operating Officer

I am pleased to announce that Nate Hepner has joined Bamboo Asset Management as our Chief Operating Officer. Nate brings a powerful background of experience in start-up execution, technology innovation in multiple industries, has an accomplished military background, as well as being a crypto native.

Nate first became aware of cryptocurrency in 2013 after being introduced by a friend to bitcoin, and since then has been involved with numerous projects, is actively involved in mining various tokens, as well as being an active algorithmic trader. He is also an enthusiast of non-fungible tokens.

Nate is also involved with the Wounded Warrior Project and Team Rubicon and is excited to join Bamboo as a purpose-driven leader.


Great to have you on the team Nate! I would love to see Bamboo do something with the Wounded Warrior Project and Team Rubicon.


Yikes two organisations with pretty major scandals. I hope he doesn’t bring any of that mess to my beloved PinkPandaDefi.

I’m sure this guy is great and the PinkPanda team did all the right checks etc. :+1:

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Super-delighted to welcome you Nate. A very interesting back story. I feel like we’re on the cusp of a momentous time in humanity’s history. Rock on!


Welcome Nate

Wishing you every success in your new role.

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Hello Team,

I am very excited to be apart of the community and project so I can drive results.

@TheMichael I do find the passive aggressive attitude to be quite annoying. The fact of the matter is that you obviously did not read the post carefully. If you did you’d understand that I am involved, I’m not an employee or leader within either of those operations. I just donate time and money while hoping the organizations do the right thing.

While at the same time I’m absolutely disgusted that we have individuals within this community that are like you that would look at the actions of a few bad individuals and assign a smudge onto every honest, respected, and veteran/civilian “involved” in these companies.

I’m fine with individuals that want to fud, transparency is key and sometimes those types of messages or posts can actually cause the project to be better because it lets the developers know that they’re being watched. But to just be straight out disrespectful to hundreds if not thousands of people that decided to serve their country so that you could be free is a disgrace to the values we hold here within this project.

@TheMichael I will be expecting better from you in the future.


I apologize for that guy and thank you for your service.


Thanks for apologizing on my behalf Michael saves me having to do it. What a legend.

Welcome Nate, I’m thrilled to see what you and the team will do for this project.

Hope @TheMichael find something better to do with his life other than trying to bring down a strong community like this one. Not that it matters though, we’ve faced fuders like this and we always end up laughing remembering this stupid behavior.

We Pandas are strong, we’ll thrive, we’ll grow and we will succeed.


Consider this your first and last warning.