Private Beta - ver. 35 now live

  • Rebranded Icon
  • Rebranded Logo in app
  • PancakeSwap hard coded in transactions
  • Some other TX fixes, other bug fixes

Feel free to leave feedback here or if you are in the OG testers TG group.


Hi Adam,
1 little thing, 1 bigger concern
App still references PinkPanda in onboarding.
You are able to copy your wallet pass phase (the unique words) from user settings. This is a security risk as there is no password protection to enter the app. This puts people at risk of losing there wallets if someone gets physical access to a unlocked device for a short period of time. Generally the other wallets don’t allow you to view these words again.

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Thanks Rory good catch.

There’s a new product out that simplifies the whole Web 3 experience (seed phrase/private key) - we’re testing it on VersaPay and are really happy with it to this point, it may be integrated into a future release. Seed phrases and private keys are VERY “newbie” unfriendly imho.


I’m going to ask a really stupid question here, so hold on tight.

How do I get the app? I have the original PP app.

The private beta:

Android (requires firebase):

iOS (requires testflight):

The public beta coming to your app store soon

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