Progress Questions

I know the team does not like questions about progress or the community putting any pressure on them, so porfa don’t read this as any form of criticism/complain

Now that we have the swap in the app and we have done migration to to the ETH chain

  1. When will we be able to see the new BAM token in the BAM app… it seems loco that it’s not there, I know there were setup issues with the first migration token, but for a project to have an app that can’t even show it’s token for me es not the right message to potential investantes

  2. When will we be able to see a monetary value against the new token? I know there were issues with CNC, but those questions of wen CNC were a long time ago and there hasn’t been anything said at all as far as I see about the new token being registered.

  3. Wen marketing? The team have been saying for a largo time that there is no point marketing when the prodct isn’t there, we now have the app, we have the second migration token, we have a website, so are there plans to start pushing the product/token?

Muchos Gracias



I second these questions. It would be nice to have an update to see what is coming in the near future and more long term as we seem to go for months without hearing much.

If you ask on the TG for any news you get linked to a post on here from 4 months ago.

With the broken/unfinished app, relative quiet on here and the TG, if it wasn’t for the recent migration it would be understandable to jump to the conclusion that the project has been abandoned. Obviously this is not the case and I know the team are busy and didn’t want to be answering daily updates, but it has been quite a while now since the last update and with things like the token not showing in the app and not having a monetary value show up against it, it doesn’t have the appearance that much is being done (again I’m not claiming that is the case, just how it looks).

Anyway hope everyone on the team is good and got to have a good break over the holidays.


Have to agree with the two above me.


Also agree with above. Commenting to follow.


Couldn’t agree more to all above. “Oops something wrong” on app wallet. Reporting it to team isn’t working. Not having the name ticker on your own app. How is this even not the first thing to be done? I keep thinking every update is an actual update but nothing changes. Terrible descriptions for coins as it’s just sloppy. Who is attracted to the app with this kind of appearance?


I’m not sure there much support for this anymore. Sorry, but I’m just not sure. Is getting out an option right now? I’ve got better places for my cash.

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Right? Not any support at all. What’s crazy is all these issues with app like not having a monetary value next to ticker, sloppy sloppy coin/token descriptions, no feedback from “team” etc etc etc , are the exact same things Adam in telegram spoke so bad of. He would say “ no interaction or communication is not good” “ must have transparency”. He’s doing the exact same thing he was against.

You’ve got asskissers though on here that agree but too scared to say anything but will send a private message talking “truth” about project

I bet that’d change a bunch of sheit as for Adam to see what his “ team “ says behind his back.

I dont think the experience was there for this coin, shooting from the hip not having a steady team. Hiring people with names of kung fu pow or whatever it was to afraid to put real names out there and then they do some shady stuff.

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You are all free to go! Adam explained extensively why he dont responed all the time. You are all just impatient and dont want to understand what he is saying.

Keep going Adam! I think you are doing great.


“Is getting out an option” yes it is called uniswap go use it.

Im not gonna be a fan boy and act like the comments above are not also on my mind. I have remained somewhat quiet about woes of this project. Maybe im naive but im gonna continue to stay positive. At the current state of the crypto market i dont know were else i would put money if i removed it from this project. I think it would be wise anyone from the project to reach out to the community and just give us a pat on the back and lets us know we it is going on behind the curtain and that the gears of progress are still turning.

Thank you.


No response from an official team member in 10 days isn’t a good sign. A simple “working” to reassure things are being done would be better than nothing. Time off for the holidays is totally understandable but no communication about anything is troubling.

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I was out of town since Saturday (was in San Francisco meeting w/ Marc, his team, Gagan, others), sorry for the delay in responding.

Some of this I’ll address here, but otherwise I will get a post together this week just to give some general updates. We’ve been having several strategy meetings both internally, with our advisors, and partners at Lootverse.

  • BAM token in the app is dependent on Coin Market Cap listing. Aryan is working on that application this week.
  • See previous question, although you can see pricing outside of the app via uniswap or another eth DEX manually. I know this isn’t ideal but that’s the situation now
  • Marketing the token vs marketing the app are two different topics, probably worthy of a post of its own. I’ll try to address this in the general updates post.

Warning for tone and language, this isn’t telegram this is for rational discourse. Most of what you posted I will ignore, I will address what I see as relevant.

Transparency has been and continues to be a core tenant. Transparency, however, does not override individual privacy rights as well as the rights as a private company to protect certain aspects of our business.

Kung Fu Po specifically requested public facing anonymity but had a contract with us. That’s not uncommon at all in this industry, especially given the vitriol that can be present at times. The token/ticker issue was a clear setback, and we’re pursuing legal action against KFP as I believe the contract was breached. This has nothing to do with any fear of putting his or any name out there, and rather a respect for the legal process.


Happy to see things are still in motion.

Excited for the update and appreciate all the hard work.

Adam, maybe we could configure the app to always have BAM as top coin or running header of live price. Or at least show up initially as the coin when you first download the app and open it the way other wallets show BTC and ETH in the beginning.

Also have the link to download the bamboo app on etherscan to be included in our official sites for all the BAM tracking platforms such as coingecko, geckoterminal etc . .

Just a thought for some product placements of the app and coin.

Website looks great!


Should we be expecting the progress post soon?