Questions posed and mused upon to open blockages

In order to stimulate some thought, which could potentially lead to some movements;

I will pose some basic questions.

Why do projects with zero utility steal the show at times. Perhaps, because the community knows that even though it might not be anything special, it is there’s, they might not be well looked upon, but they will make it work, and make something out of nothing. With their conviction and energy.

Project x is a joke built upon a joke, why are people falling for it, see zero utility above. Some beg to differ. The joke projects are a means to an end, which are shockingly high aimed, building Blockchain, simply to attract attention to more established cryptos amongst other reasons on the sly.

Hopefully I can get some wheels turning in some heads, shine some light in the dark, and ignite a spark which catches fire.

There ain’t no electric rockets going to the moon for now. The only thing needed is energy, a spark, rocket flames.

Don’t judge post to harshly, simply test running.

Goal is simply stimulate thought, the reader might come to different conclusions, and who knows to which productive places they may lead.:bow_and_arrow::rocket::heavy_check_mark:


Bamboo is going to break through, if only through the sheer will of its people’s, it is going to be Massive.

It was whispered at first, TOO THE MOON

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More marketing will help. Its mostly hype that helps projects with no real utility skyrocket

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The trick is to get it just right.

Suspicion is, over a thousand heads are working on it right now.

The pace at which ideas are pouring fourth, tells one how tricky it is.

Feel free to share your ideas as to how it might look.


I agree. A suggestion i would make is reach out to some crypto fan youtubers such as Austin Hilton and others. The viewership they have may assist with more exposure

Fellow holder.

I am still coming to grips with the platform.

Seems like I overshot the runway here, LOL, and that the current focus is on the app etc, technology and so forth, and some other things.

Shows how important it is to follow post, and see where we is at🧐.

Seems like I am running in the wrong direction here.


Gotta turn ship around and get with the program.

Yeah, thinking of these other things are exciting, but practicality demands that we move with the pack.

Just like you I am excited about doing some link up play, and I am sure the TEAM is excited that we are just waiting for the green light to announce ourselves to the world.

Otherwise, always there to hear a teammate out, and be on call for instructions from DAO.

Time to go and check on news about the app, and see when I can get some Bamboo garb.

See you in the Space, and will keep an eye out for you.

I think the youtube influencers like austin need to be looked at carefully. While they do have a large base of viewers and i have watched his content and he has pushed some not so great stuff. While i want us to get exposure and what comes with that i dont want BAM to get lumped up with those types of crypto projects

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I definitely see your point