Quick Migration Update

If I’m reading our spreadsheet correctly, we’ve reached approximately 250 resolved manual migrations. The vast majority who have reached out are completed. Working through a few outliers now.


It has now been over 30 days since the migration window closed. Bamboo Asset Management committed to helping those that needed to cross the finish line and did not make it in time. In summary, here’s what we’ve done over the past month:

  • Over 250 wallets have gone through the manual migration with the assistance of the team.
  • A conservative estimate of 250 hours has been used to assist with migrations.
  • ~150 outstanding submissions left who have not replied to our emails.
  • We’ve seen a substantial decrease in the number of requests (~1/day from ~4+/day).

It is becoming more appropriate to determine what the DAO would like to do with the remaining inflows of submissions as well as the outstanding submissions that flow in. B.A.M. is not able to continue processing these indefinitely, as company time and resources need to be dedicated elsewhere soon.

I think we should begin to talk about who/how the DAO can continue to help those that missed the migration without the time of B.A.M. staff.


Are we going to come up with a few ideas and vote?

If the proposals need to go to a vote, or are contentious, we can certainly put them to a vote.

Perhaps set a cut off time. Lock all unclaimed remaining tokens for anywhere from 1 to 5 years. Have the inbox still except claims. Check inbox after 1 to 5 years and review issue again.

This way folks can be assured, when, that they are not forgotten.

Except for an unusual circumstance, 1 holder cannot be expected to carry 11 holders weight, without any break.

Late claimants can rest assured knowing that tokens are locked, and safe, and the rest can move forward lighter, ready to take the next step.

I think at some point you are just too late. Everyone is responsible for their own investments. PP has gone above and beyond to work with people. Set the absolute final date and end it imo. Donating the money or using it for marketing or merchandise would be fine to me.


Am i too late to migrate? Just found out and still have some $PINKPANDA. Can someone point me in the right direction ?

If you’re having issues migrating, or didn’t migrate - Please fill the following form

No admin will call you or DM you. We will only reply via email (..@pinkpanda.io). Scammers are everywhere. Be safe.

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Thank you for the quick response.