Regulation Discussion Thread

Some recent news worth noting:

Coinbase blasts SEC over insider trading case, says none of the tokens it lists are securities

  • Notably Coinbase didn’t say anything about the insider trading charge…
  • CFTC posturing as well (interesting to see inter-governmental rivals play out in public statements on twitter)


Binance.US Delists Cryptocurrency SEC Deemed A Security


Crypto Mixing Service Tornado Cash Blacklisted by US Treasury

The U.S. Treasury Department barred all U.S. persons from using Tornado Cash, alleging its use in laundering stolen crypto funds by North Korean hackers poses a national security threat


Quotes from article.

“Our petition was written with the input of some of the best securities lawyers and economists in the country.”

“We need the SEC to once again write the rules that will unleash the potential of U.S. capital markets, this time fueled by the benefits provided by crypto.”

It would be fascinating to know where the community stands on the debate unfolding concerning securities and crypto.

The following response found in the comment section is fascinating.

LeeCono states

“In the United States, the SEC cannot create guidelines (or laws which is what your petition is requesting) that interfere with the laws of the Constitution. Only Congress can create and vote on legislation for legal changes that would re-define a digital asset as a security vs. a commodity and many hope that day never comes.”

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“For example, in the vote for the Lending Oversight Core Unit, which was the largest governance vote in the DAO’s history, he was able to garner 33,70 MKR votes or 11.5% of the total voting power himself,” West said.

Christensen had pushed enough of the community to vote against large venture capital funds and popular delegates such as a16z, BlockTower and Hasu, he added.

The MakerDAO CEO sees this move as essential given the potential for government crackdown.

“This is my thought process: There’s now a demonstrated way to instantly and unconstitutionally nuke any smart contract of all centralized stables at will, with no lead time to take preemptive actions.