Roadmap , app development , website development

417 days to the project,roadmap target was in jan 2022 , it is now jully 19 2023 .what is the progress of the application?

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I am also waiting for an updated response from Adam on where we are and where are we heading. We were told that we will have a Swap, an App, then a Dex, now a Hex, the swap/app still not here, we are now a DAO, telegram stopped.

I request the team to jump in and provide some updates on how we are doing, we support the project but we need some updates.


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Some comments on mobile app dev here:

Some comments on HEX here:


Oh also website, we’ve got Phase 2 under development, saw the mock up this week I think it looks nice.


Thanks for the update Adam. Looking forward to the releases.

Looking forward to check that website


Many thank-yous. Cheers

Will you guys be doing another Twitter spaces? I enjoyed the last one.


For sure. As we get a little closer to the next one we’ll give some advance notice.


On the side of DAO development, work started this week. The testing phase is next for the contracts and after testing the contracts will be deployed.

We’re set up with the inspiration for the design of the new site (take Crypto Dashboard | Skote - React Admin & Dashboard Template ( for inspiration). Adam and I found this design be a good blend of design characteristics.


Any more updates on CMC listing that is going to be such a big win.

We haven’t heard back from them. I’m wondering if it’s best at this point to wait and see if we have to migrate to a new contract address. If so, it would be best to re-apply after migration and we drop the new website/staking dashboard.


Good call cheers Josh.

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