Setting the tone in a bear well as the tone for this forum

So, I suspended my first account today. A bit of telegram/discord toxicity creeping into discourse. They are welcome to return should they decide to abide by the general terms we’ve set forth.

I have zero time, energy, or patience for this. To quote one of the giant’s shoulders we stand on:

“If you don’t believe me or don’t get it, I don’t have time to try to convince you, sorry.”
― Satoshi Nakamoto

Not to say we are the next bitcoin, or I’m the next Satoshi, or that we will even succeed. But you know what? I was one of those folks negging on bitcoin back in the day. I sold my bags, hated on bitcoin for a long time. Some of you have heard my story.

This forum is for respectful discourse, direct questions, interactions, experimentations. Not a playground for those who have issues in communicating or following general guidelines. Please ask questions, please get engaged, please help us build this - we cannot build this without you (just as we cannot build this with “crabs in a bucket” if you are familiar with that analogy).

We have a lot in the works, we’re barely over a year old. We’ve taken many punches and yet here we are, still building, still working, still moving forward, still adapting.

Survive - then thrive.


Note - our resident troll is trying to come back and throw temper tantrums under various accounts. Keep flagging the troll, the system is pretty smart and they will get bored and eventually find a new hobby or leave their basement/come out from under the bridge and tell their mummy “THE BAD MAN WON’T LET ME TROLL! :sob:”.

She will hold her little baby troll and coo and say “it’s ok sweetums - I know you are the smartest and best troll out there, don’t let the big bad man put you down. Keep on trolling you little passive aggressive monster. Mummy knows you are the bestest of the trolls, she’s been telling you that since you were born :people_hugging:”. Tears will be wiped and they will return to their basement/bridge and the universe will be back in balance.

Trolls are not welcome here, the internet is crawling with trolls. This is a forum for dicsourse.


That is a real shame, hopefully (as they say in my country) “one day the troll will climb back into his wicker basket and sink into the silt beneath his bridge” (roughly translated).

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Oh he’s still at it! What a sad life…

But this forum catches them quickly it’s great…

huh, where? Did I miss something?

There’s a troll that seems intent on being “right” about something right now. Some idiot with too much time on their hands. Don’t worry about it.