Staking whitelist

I’ve had a look at the staking today and connected my wallet, however despite being a PP holder since July '21 and having come through both migrations it says I’m not whitelisted. Is the whitelisting fully live yet? Or is there potentially an issue?

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It should enable off the wallet address, but the additional % wont be active until they i.plement to new WL code for the calculation

I also noticed i was not on the white list. Purchased September 2021 before migration to BAM.

I must have missed a link somewhere - where can I see the whitelist and connect my wallet?

So is it safe to start staking without an official announcement from Adam stating the it’s ready to go?

"It’s been created, we got the sub-site live yesterday (you can take a peek at ).

We’re going to “test” the functions here over the weekend, then I need to circle back around and see about a vote for the staking period…"

From adam on another thread.


Staking is now live, appears to be functioning correctly for both WL and non-WL accounts. The APY will be high initially and then come down as the pools are filled, and we’ll adjust the rates accordingly.

If you don’t appear to be eligible for whitelist, it’s likely you transferred to another wallet after the migration air drop.

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Hi Adam, thanks for the response. I’ve not moved wallet at all (in the entire time I’ve held PP/BAM) and it still says I am not whitelisted, so it doesn’t appear to be working properly.

Can you DM me the address and we can take a look?

Hi Adam, So are you saying because some people moved wallets they can’t be white listed? Will you be added these people to the white list? In my case I moved mine after migrated to Bam, I have moved it back and still shows it’s not on the white list.
I have been a holder since May 21.

Looks to being well . My white list worked awesome

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I’m not whitelisted either and I’ve been holding since day 1, same wallet. I’m not staked, so eagerly awaiting updates.

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