Swap issue w/ Uniswap V3 liquidity preventing sells - Easiest fix - transaction tax to zero

We are using Uniswap’s V3 pool (which is fairly new) and apparently transaction taxes on sell are not or “fee on transfer” - the link in this post to uniswap is 404, but given the only differences between BSC and ETH are the LP’s and token/ticker, I think it’s reasonable to assume this is the problem

We have 2 solutions:

  1. Move the LP to V2.0 and keep the transaction tax
  2. Keep the LP on V3.0 and remove the transaction tax.

Myself and the team think option 2 is best. A downside of an untaxed token is that this allows front-running bots, but that’s pretty much every token out there now. Staking I believe will help incent holding rather than a penalty of a sell tax.

Like to hear the communities thoughts, and if it sounds good let’s see if we have someone who will enter a proposal to be voted on.


Reducing the sell tax and eventually getting rid of it altogether was always the plan anyway, irc. I would be on board with option 2.


I say keep v3 and remove tax.

I agree with removing the tax.

I agree, V3 and get rid of tax

V3. No tax. This seems the most optimum solution.

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Agree version 3, and remove the tax

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I would say V3 no tax as well

Seems pretty universal. Anyone want to drop a proposal out there?

Hope everyone is enjoying some time for the holidays!


The vote passed and tx taxes removed today. This is immutable.