Team Changes - Gene Truono General Counsel and CCO, Nate Hepner resignation

Quick update to the community.

  • I’m pleased to announce that Gene Truono has joined Bamboo Asset Management as our General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. In these troubling times in digital assets, Gene’s strong leadership and extensive track record in traditional finance as well as digital assets will be welcomed, his experience as CCO at PayPal included a white paper on digital currency, and his most recent work at PWC as a visionary in digital asset law and compliance demonstrates his tremendous capabilities in legal compliance and risk management in a rapidly evolving space… Gene has been our Senior Compliance Advisor since June of 2021.

  • Nate Hepner has tendered his resignation as Chief Operating Officer due to personal reasons. While we are sad to see Nate go, we appreciate his time in helping get our internal operations more organized and we wish him the best of luck.

We will be having additional team announcements over the next few weeks.


Gene’s the real deal. Very real.

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