The Bamboo Team Members

There were quite a few big names being dropped toward the end of last year / early this year. Developers, Architects, marketing, compliance ect.

Are these figures still active behind the scenes. And without prying to deep into the inner workings would it be possible to have an update on the current team?

A meet the team page on the new website even?

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Would also be keen to see a response to
This query?

I believe we have the team page in the last phase of the website. We’re developing phase 2 now.

Major players have not changed
Myself, Marc, Gagan are co-founders
Key advisors Gene Truono, Keith Loose, Matt Lenzini, (we’ve added 2 others but not made them public yet)
There’s a number of other people involved (Guru, Margelo, some contractors) as well as people from the community/DAO side. All of those choose if they want to be public - but anyone that works with us is internally doxxed/contracted.


I think the group-photo on the legacy site, representing our customer-base, was tip top. I liked the diversity of ethnicities and age groups. I think it was warm and authentic.