The staking is now under development

Two rewards tiers:

  • OG Holders - anyone who deposited $PP into the migrator contract prior to the migration date
  • Post migration holders

Coming soon!



How about if I was holding PP in two wallets and after the migration I transfer everything to one wallet.

Will I be OG holder for everything I hold including the transfer from the other wallet or the transfer amount will not be taken into consideration?


Was wondering the same, wanted to transfer BAM to the pink panda wallet address that was created with the app.

If the wallet you hold your Bamboo now is one of the ones you used for migration I don’t see why not. As long as the wallet is whitelisted it should work even if you buy more now.

I imagine the wallet address you used to migrate is the one that gets whitelisted/betteryield. If you transfer to a new address now you will not get that benefit.

Yes - it would be the address that interacted with the contract prior to migration. So if you consolidated to a separate wallet address, that wallet would not be whitelisted as OG.

But $BAM has no transfer tax you can simply move it back to that original wallet to get OG status.

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The wallet I transferred everything to had some tokens migrated as well. So I guess all of the tokens in that wallet will be accounted?


In this case yes - if that wallet interacted w/ the migration contract prior to the deadline, it will automatically be whitelisted.


Getting close - late stages of testing and tweaking the UI. We probably will want to do some enhancements and ran a bit over budget but the product is going to be very nice.


My bag and I are ready!!!

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Please see this important update:

Contract Issue