**Updated** Possible solution for the token/ticker issue (and a very possible win-win scenario)

I agree. It’s just a matter of time.

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Thank you for the Response Mr. Carlton.
I had take a step away from Crypto for a time for my own sake. I’m glad to have my position here in $BAM.

Yes Etherium does look quite promising! I look forward to future updates on the wrapped version!

I know the team has taken on a lot of new talent and had probably underwent a ton of brainstorming. Do you think this next migration will be a true rerelease of the brand? Even the App? Because i believe the theme and logo are excellent and need very little tweaking.

I appreciate you and the team!


I think I missed replying to this (I try to reply to all questions). I can totally understand stepping away - you’re not the first! It’s a pretty intense space at times.

Couple of quick answers:

  • Apps are now both live on the app stores. (we’ve got some other threads about details on them)
  • Theme/logo/brand etc., are an evolution. We are working on getting the website live first - which we ran into some snags on that I’ll fill in the community once it is going live. But very happy with it overall and how it will continue to be developed
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On another project I know of, the team transitioned from BSC to polygon but as soon as the polygon token with the new contract was airdropped, lots of holders of the old BSC token swapped out. The price of the old BSC token fell quickly as holders cashed out but they had their new polygon tokens so they were supposedly not losing. I did sell my BSC token and got $129 but it wasn’t free money. Thinking back, we must have done some damage. I didn’t understand crypto too much back then (and still don’t) but I’m thinking the project’s liquidity must have still been on BSC. I’m thinking the liquidity took hit before it was moved to polygon. Does that sound right or possible?

Do we need to be careful of this? If our liquidity gets moved to another network, should it/can it be done before an airdrop??

It would be done before the airdrop yes…