Vote to Stop Wasting Money on this Website

Alright, let me add my two cents here.

First, I agree that it would be nice to have more activity in here - both from the community and the team. Communication in recent months has been severely lacking to nonexistent.

Second, with all that said, any DAO vote should be preceded by a discussion of the proposal in here. Everybody should at least have the opportunity to make their opinions heard, before a vote is put to the people. If we don’t follow even such a rather simple flow of procedures, you make it hard to impossible for others to make an informed decision. You also run the risk that your discontent will be shrugged off as a knee j*rk reaction to a perceived lack of progress.

Third, I get the impulse and general sentiment of your post. Like I said before, I would also like to have more engagement and communication on this platform. Information surrounding this project has become sparse and difficult to find - and considering how thinly stretched the team and remaining community seem to be, I believe we are too spread out.

I don’t use telegram (anymore), as I found it difficult to sift through all of the chatter in search of some real information, so I can’t comment on that.

Our Discord has a response every once in a blue moon, but isn’t exactly active either. Same goes for Reddit.

However, I don’t believe that shutting down the DAO forum, which is supposed to play a central part in the project and become a pillar for the community to gather around and have discussions, is the way to go.

Overall, I can understand where you’re coming from and share many of the concerns and your general sentiment. I honestly can’t promote the project to friends and acquaintances right now, considering the lack of communication. That said, even if it may appear sometimes like nothing is being done or progressing as we would hope, that’s likely not entirely the case either. We did get a working staking platform. And we have been warned, that we will need to go through a valley of despair, before things will get better again. Or as Adam has put it: “survive then thrive.”

I am not arguing for you to put your unwavering faith in the team and follow blindly. Quite the contrary. But I would argue against seeing things only in black and white.