We are Guru and Bam

With the resources available at www.weareguru.com, I am interested to see how this will work with Bam. Do we have a working partnership with weareguru and if so what can we expect to see in the future?


The founder of weareguru is a co-founder of bamboo and CMO. We are very fortunate.


Yes, thank you Michael, I’m aware of Gagan’s role in both. I note Adam is cyypto/NFT/Metaverse specialist at weareguru. My question relates to how these two entities will work together and what we can expect to see in the future as a result of this.

Taken from:

Article published in Alliance Magazine on February 7, 2018

“He has led ground breaking communications and marketing campaigns for a wide array of purpose driven clients including Obama 08’, 1% For the Planet, Echoing Green, MPAA, World Bank, NASA Earth Science, US Forest Service and many others. He is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and creative strategy…”

Super excited that Bamboo has someone like Mr Gagan Levy at the helm.

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Thank you very much for your contribution PinkPanda, as I was saying I’m aware of Gagan, his role and profile within weareguru. My question to the team I suppose is how Bam and weareguru will work together in the future and what we, as investors, can hope to see? Many thanks to those contirbutors so far and their insightful opinions, I welcome a response from the core team.

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Sure thing Nero. Your question definitely benefits the whole community. :heavy_check_mark:

Thought I would just slip into the opportunity to HIGHLIGHT that that Mr Levy is a global player who has managed to help install a US president, and, consults global players.

The dimension in which Bamboo now finds itself might be to much for some to wrap their minds around, hence.

Your question definitely is a very weighty one, and serves well. :heavy_check_mark:

Good luck

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Thank you mate, your continued presence within the DAO benefits everyone, your curiosity and insightful comments are a breath of fresh air. Have a great day bro.

As mentioned in some of the other threads, it might be worthwhile to explore ways how the DAO and community can be more involved. It helps the team when they feel the community is actively working on projects to support the ecosystem, instead of silently waiting for output and judging from the shadows each and every move.
Once we have an idea threat perhaos?

BAM - weareguru - DAO = the Bamboo Trifecta


Do you feel the question to be inappropriate (waiting and judging)? I thought it to be quite a civilised stream of discourse with a number of parties being involed.

I think the more the community understands the project, the better ideas they will have to support it. It is like going on holiday; if you’re not sure whether you are heading on a Skiing or Beach holiday you won’t know whether to pack a winter coat or swim shorts. I believe community ideas will come, we just have to make sure we are on the same page.

At the moment I guess it is a bit of a waiting game, people are waiting for the websites and socials to be developed more and the app to be launched etc. Personally, at this moment in time, I’m not sure what ideas to propose in relation to projects that would meaningfully support and contribute to Bams success. I hope with continued insight and as Bam’s identiy grows, perhaps some inspiration will come my way.

I won’t be working or developing any projects, I don’t have the funds or expertise in such areas.


You should listen to the last Twitter spaces. I believe they talk about it some there.

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Thanks again Michael, I’m overwhelmed by the community response to my topic. Insightful as always, I was present on that talk and found it a great intro to Gagan!

I welcome a reply from the team, as equal in enthusiasm as those volunteered above !

Thank you again.

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Here is another great source.

Substitute Pink Panda for Bamboo.

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Thanks very much mate, appreciate it. Loving the community response from everyone and open the thread out to the team! :slight_smile: Hope ya’ll having a great day everyone :hearts:

:nerd_face: Of course Nero

Definitely lots of sources to draw inspiration from, cryptos OG$ are definitely a sight to behold as they battle the head winds.

Be well champion, and strength to the community.



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Sorry if my comment came across as criticism - that’s not what I was intending. It was more of a general remark and complement to your post. Nothing I thought of as inappropriate from you or anybody else, though I could have made a better effort at articulating my own thoughts.

I meant to say that there’s also a potential flip side to the whole talk of having a superstar team and the endless Ted Lasso “Believe” memes. We all have a great amount of confidence in Adam, Gagan, Mark and everybody else or we wouldn’t be here. And for the most part, that faith of the community is a nice thing to have (certainly much nicer than not having it). But there’s also a chance of creating a set of expectations where “good, but not mindblowingly great” isn’t enough at some point.

Anyway, I think we’re on the same page! It’s a bit of a waiting game at the moment, but with the DAO expanding and growing, there are things that we can do as a community to further Bamboo even without kickstarting elaborate side projects. Having these kind of discussions on the discourse is one of them.

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Absolutely, couldn’t agree more! Thank you for jumping into the ‘discourse’ gentlemen.

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Be well my friend (Pinkpanda1)