Website progress?

Hi team. Could you provide an update on the website progress?


Hello anyone able to answer this? What is the point of a forum if no one answers and the topic just gets buried

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Please be cognizant that it is a weekend and that the team may very well not be scanning the forum.

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What’s the point of asking “where’s my answer?” every day or so, especially on a Sunday? This forum isn’t simply a new opportunity for you to ask “wen” repeatedly in a more structured format.

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The next phase is being worked on, for a total of 3 phases (first being complete).

Phase 2 will introduce a lot more content “who/what/why/how”…and is in progress.


Thank you very much for your passive aggressive response.

you’re welcome! I feel sometimes passive-aggressiveness is best met with more aggressive passive-aggressiveness.

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I love how you handle matters Adam. I wish the community understood your plight of being a CEO. I can only imagine the stress that comes with such a responsibility. Keep doing your thing bro just as you have been :muscle:t5:


Just wanna stop by to tell you that the homepage is great. I really loved to read it and I was surprised to see a roadmap on it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hope we get some words from you about the roadmap for 2023 in the next update.


I see a bug when i open the website. Does somebody else see this?
Also the 2022 below the page is old.

For the rest, the website looks amazing!