What do we think are the most important topics to discuss as a community? What would you like to see voted on first? (A call to action)

I have some opinions. I’ll brain dump a lot of things that I think the DAO should be discussing.

Possible near term votes:

  • How to handle “late migrators”
  • How to handle “never migrators”
  • How to handle the eventual elimination of transaction tax

Discussion topics:

  • Framework around voting windows, quorum
  • How/when team members vote
  • How/when treasury votes (if ever - more of a “veto” possibility that fades over time?)
  • Utility possibilities
  • Outreach to other projects, devs, communities, partnerships
  • Getting liquidity on ETH, other chains
  • Getting community engagement during a bear market
  • Determining community core values
  • How to reward people that step up in the community
  • How to invite and welcome new members
  • How to discourage negativity/toxicity/elevate and encourage discourse
  • Opportunities around NFTs
  • Lootverse, other metaverses
  • Charity options
  • Past issues and transparency
  • How to engage community on proprietary issues (e.g. Ambassadors)
  • Continued decentralization while keeping an eye on regulatory compliance
  • Data privacy

Just a brain dump this morning.


I think we should go full nft and create our own metaverse with plots of land all shaped like Pandas. Papa Panda should have the biggest house right in the middle of Panda island. Only the most loyal OGs will be able to pay to have a special NFT that lets you go into Papas NFT metaverse house and ask questions and get to see the roadmap with delivery dates.

Also we could have Blockchain games all focused on Pandas and Bamboo and you can play them and earn Bamboo tokens. Also we should have lots of different Panda and Bamboo tokens. All with different tokenomics.

We could also have our own website where you can connect you wallet and swap different coins and stake them. Maybe in the metaverse we could have a PinkPanda casino where you can only gamble with bamboo tokens.

Also it would be great to do merchandise like the safemoon guys do they recently did a box of merchandise like hats and t-shirts for investors to buy.

It would be great if Bamboo.com also looked at entering the defi space maybe doing a Dex or Hybrid Dex…

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Instead of donating to a specific charity we could help one family who has a family member fighting cancer. There are plenty of people trying to raise money for treatment on different sites like GoFundMe. More of the money would actually go to helping someone that way.

For NFTs, I thought about working with no kill animal shelters. Create NFTs of the animals and have a percentage of the sale go to the shelter to help care for the animals and get them adopted.


I do love these ideas but I think we need to stick with purely the panda theme. Only donate to panda charities or bamboo charities. Like we could stick with the cancer idea but on panda charities fighting cancer. Let’s keep it on brand.

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I think it’s clear you’re here to do nothing but troll, and troll as aggressively passive aggressive as you can. Thanks - found my reason to ban you. Go complain about us on reddit or somewhere else. This forum is for discourse, not the passive aggressive olympics.


Haha. Go get him boss. Looks like I missed some madness yesterday.

Charity Idea:

Hi Adam,

Hope you are keeping well. First I’d like to thank you and the team for all the time and effort you are putting into this company/DAO.

A hybrid ( Maybe to big) idea pinched from a current and successful model to promote Bamboo as a charitable token/company and encourage people to be apart of this community/DAO and the community of companies affiliated with the token

I’m am making an assumption that people need to hold Bamboo tokens/NFTs to be apart of deals/promotions or experiences through GURU connections etc and from other irons in the fire you my have. So therefore, there is already alot of potential exposure for the token and the people within the community/DAO. This then allows for word of mouth promoting from community members about Bamboo benefits, with its promotions, deals or experiences from affiliated companies plus this idea. In addition, these companies can also promote themselves and the charitable benefit of this token, through this idea or the opportunity to be apart of this charitable process.

Assuming this, through owning a certain amount of Bamboo (let’s say 20 dollars worth), you are able to enter a competition where you can purchase a ticket from a limited quantity of only 250,000, which are worth $100 each of USDC or something equivalent, which are bought through the Bamboo Hex and this is held in a Bamboo company wallet.
Participates need to send this money from their Bamboo wallet to receive there possible prize later. These participates will have a 1 in 15 chance of winning money, experiences, items or getting their money back.

Being either a Bamboo holder or also a ticket purchaser, this will allow you to vote on where a certain amount of this prize money will be allocated (either for 1 charity or spread across 2 or 3 depending on how many votes they receive each). These can be nominated/discussed in the DAO, then voted on which ones will receive the prize money or how the quantities are spread prior to the competition.

$100 × 250,000 = $25,000,000

$5 million can be used for a charitable donation as stated above.

1st prize $2,500,000 or equivalent in property of your choice in your country.

2nd prize $1,500,000 or equivalent in other means

3rd prize $1,000,000 or equivalent in other means.

That’s leaves $15,000,000 to create another range of prizes of significant value, all the way down to people possibly receiving their $100 back or an equivalent prizes to that value.

Not sure if legally wages are allowed to be extracted from this to facilitate this process for Bamboo But I hope my thought process/and good intentions to promote Bamboo are coming through.

This also allows for affiliated Bamboo companies to be apart of the charitable promotion process and or provide prizes for the process or for other companies to get on board.

I feel from being involved in equivalent competitions at the moment, it gives a sense of helping others and changing their lives. While promoting Bamboo in a positive light nationally and potentially globally. However, also allowing participates to change their own lives significantly, in a small way or getting their money back.

Over time I believe this would contribute to Bamboo becoming a wanted asset, which would allow access to discounts, privileges or experiences with affiliated companies, but also an experience to be involve with a charitable competition with great incentives to participate.

Hope you don’t mind me sharing this idea.

Kind regards


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Definitely worthy of consideration. Something to be considered however is this might be considered as gambling in some jurisdictions, and everything gets a little grey when you get smart contracts involved, etc.

I think things are moving rapidly forward in that a lot of these problems can be solved with smart contracts and jurisdictional controls. Wen bamboo international crypto lawyer? :smiley:


I think we should talk about how to sell it. I’ve tried it it no worky. Any ideas would be appreciated.