What do you want in 2023

I think it’s fair to say $BAM isn’t where it needs to be yet and at some point it’ll need to pick up pace towards being attractive, marketable and functional.

What do individuals within the community want/need to see happen for $BAM to be in a place where it’s marketable and functional?

For me, from the function perspective I’d really like to see how $BAM fits into the whole world of Bamboo such as with the app and the Asset Management platform. I’m also interested in the role of $BAM with Lootverse. There has been a significant pivot from day zero of PINKPANDA so it would be good to get an understanding of Bamboo as a whole and progress on the whole of Bamboo, not just the token.

A road map for 23 would be welcome. I fully understand this would come with the caveat that things change and move and wouldn’t be a stick to beat the project team with. It would be an interesting look at what I’d being worked And what is planned.

I’m interested to hear from others as I know there’s been soon complaints on progress but I haven’t seen to many tangible suggestions or requests of where this project needs to be for people to be happy.


A very well put and thought out topic, this is most of my wants/concerns wrapped up in a topic! My main issue has been lack of communication on what’s going on. I trust whatever direction Adam and team want to go but I just want to know what direction it is


What is current price and how can you sell now?

Good question. I bought into PP about day 3 or so. It was supposed to make defi so easy that even your grandmother could use it. That was the vision that was sold to me. I’ve used a few defi products, made some modest interest and lost money from a bridge exploit; overall it’s an innovative way to take control of one’s finances.

I thought if Pink Panda could have an easy-to-use app with a clean interface, PP could really make a mark on the world. Coupled with being an ethical company, PP was a shining light in crypto. The early days of TG were so positive too.

I would like that vision to be executed - i.e. safe (as possible), accessible defi for the masses. I haven’t sold a single PP or BAM. There are countless crypto projects, so many have their own app but there is nothing I could recommend to a novice. The opportunity is still there.

As for marketing, market the product not the token.

All the best everyone.