When can I throw my money at merch?

After a terrible moth invasion I’m in need of some BAM threads… wen is can buy?

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Wen will the cat roll it out? :weary:

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I feel the same way! Here’s my perspective:

  • I’d like to see both a combination of community based merch as well as corporate.
  • I think a great way to incent community based merch is via DAO funds (both $BAM as well as stablecoins). We had a lot of success early on with community designs. Some amazing, some meh…but every pot has its lid.
  • Corp based merch will come in time. Wish I could say ‘wen’ but you see the broad market sentiment. Tis a desert out there and we’re focusing limited resources on key activities.
  • We want to But DAO approved activities will get full corp support! Trying to avoid “astroturfing” things as much as possible…People will get engaged over time. It’s a process…

So - I’ll probably be sounding like a broken record for a while…but my standard answer to wen questions is going to be “wenDAOMerchProposal?” :heart_eyes: I’d vote for anything reasonable!!


Ok, counter question: wen can non team members make DAO proposals?


Anyone can now make proposals on the DAOs snapshot page. The quorum for a vote to pass is currently set at 2.5m tokens and each voting period is set to last for 48 hours.

I’m logged in (wallet connected) and don’t have any option to propose anything. I’ve tried refreshing, etc

There should be a “New Proposal” option that’s available to you. I’m seeing it on my alt wallets.